About Sharon

Hi, I’m Sharon Mitchell.

I work with women who are totally ready to finally get the life they deserve! 

Let me share with you a little bit of my own personal journey.

My career began in company Accounting, and I can do a mean set of books. I won't lie to you, I didn't really like accounting but I was at that early stage in my life where I thought that money was pretty much the only thing that would make me happy, and I saw accounting as the fastest way to get happy, I mean rich.

With mission accomplished by age 38, I was able to retire from the profits of the sale of my partnership in a very successful niche accounting firm.

 You know how you think you are going to retire on millions of dollars and sit on a beach in Maui drinking cocktails?  Well, I can attest to you that this actually gets real old, real quick.

Then came my journey to find my passion. Although I qualified as a counselor and a women's coach, the real lessons were learned as I traveled the world for a couple of years working in many developing nations.  I assisted many women, in many countries, from many different walks of life but one thing I know for sure is that the reasons behind our pain, our heartache, and our hurt are all actually universal.

Although technology has sometimes been my nemesis in the past (I mean who can set the clock on the DVD player anyway?), I am thrilled to offer my products and services online to women everywhere. 

 On a personal level, I have two outstanding children, who are actually not children anymore.  Born twins, a boy and a girl, they are now  22 years old and have both matured into awesome young adults.  My son Jack is a performing artist, currently at University in Melbourne, Australia refining his art (find his work on instagram.com/jackwilliamwilde).  My daughter Josephine dedicates her life to the service of others and you can find out more about her work at instagram.com/proudlyjosephine.

 I love all kinds of stories as a mechanism for us to more fully understand the human condition. I read a lot and I am an avid movie goer, seen in the same seat at my local cinema no less than twice a week.  I am a (not-so) closet Star Wars fan, a pop-culture madness that I share with both my children.

I believe every soul on the planet deserves respect and love, and that is one of the many reasons I believe in plant-based living and compassion for humans everywhere. I love to exercise, so I train in one form or another every day, those free endorphins really do it for me! I may or may-not have a red-shoe addiction (it’s yet to be formally diagnosed), but needless to say I have a large shoe closet……

 Most of all I believe that every one of us is put on the planet for a reason, and mine is this.  I am blessed to wake up every day full of enthusiasm for the work I do and what I can share with women everywhere. 


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